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Making Memories Sweeter with Basilico's Ice Cream Sundaes

Nothing quite captures the essence of childhood joy and summertime delight as a towering ice cream sundae. At Basilico, we're serving up sweet smiles with our extraordinary ice cream sundaes crafted especially for children (and, let's admit it, those adults with a sweet tooth too!).

A Scoop of Happiness

Every scoop that we generously serve is more than just ice cream. It's a blend of fresh, local dairy, and the purest of flavours, making each mouthful an explosion of creamy delight. Watch your child's eyes widen with pure wonder as we stack multiple scoops in their favorite flavors, building the foundation of an unforgettable dessert.

The Rainbow of Sprinkles

But what’s an ice cream sundae without a shower of colorful sprinkles? The whimsical twinkle of our sprinkles is like a celebration of childhood joy, capturing the magic of small moments in each tiny, sugar-coated piece. Their delightful crunch adds an extra layer of fun to every bite, bringing the excitement of a birthday party to an everyday dessert.

A Nostalgic Treat for Parents

For parents, our ice cream sundaes are not just desserts; they're a trip down memory lane. As you help your little ones navigate their towering treats, you'll find yourself taken back to your own childhood. Relive those carefree days, and maybe even sneak a spoonful or two (we won't tell!).

Dining with a View

Imagine savouring these delicious moments against the backdrop of the beautiful Muskoka River. Our riverside patio provides an enchanting setting for your family's ice cream adventure. As you relish each bite, soak in the calming sights and sounds of nature that surround Basilico. Our dining experience isn't just about incredible food; it's about creating memories in a setting that feels both extraordinary and intimate.

A Sundae for Every Sunday

At Basilico, we believe in making your family's dining experience special, no matter when you visit. However, Sundays hold a particular charm. As the week winds down, what better way to celebrate and relax than with a family outing to Basilico? Our ice cream sundaes, packed full of sweet surprises, await you every Sunday.

Making Every Moment Count

As the sun casts its golden glow over the Muskoka River, there's a certain magic that comes alive on our patio. It's in these moments, with an ice cream sundae in hand, that family memories are made. It's the excited laughter, the shared stories, and the mutual delight over a dessert well savored that makes dining at Basilico a truly memorable experience.

So, come to Basilico, where we serve not just meals, but memories. Where every scoop of ice cream is a promise of joy, and every sprinkle carries the weight of our commitment to make your family's dining experience unforgettable. Let's create sweet moments together, one ice cream sundae at a time.

This message is made by Basilico, a proud sponsor of summer, patios and great experiences for children and parents both!

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